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Liat Ron is a blogger and the marketing director for Techealthiest, which was founded by her ultimate partner and husband, Greg Kushnick. She breathes passion about all things super-healthy and is naturally curious about the ways our personal technology impacts our well being. As an actor, Liat has performed in numerous plays, musicals and independent films. GUTS, her critically acclaimed semi-autobiographical solo show, premiered November 2011 in NYC. She is a professionally trained Middle Eastern dancer and has developed an innovative teaching method, ameliorating many aspects of a woman’s life. She believes that Middle Eastern dance is the ultimate form of dance for women, and finds its elements inspiringly organic to a woman’s body, empowering in the most profound sense of the word, and celebrating true freedom of the body and its expressive capabilities. She is also a Hebrew-English translator. Among her translations is “On Green and Grey Matter,” an encyclopedia of nutrition and spirituality. Liat has dedicated the last two years to her grandest creation as of yet (more about that at


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Liat RonJanuary 21, 2016
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