The Techealthiest Mission

TH_small.png copy croppedOur primary goal at is to enhance your relationship with your personal technology to make it a healthier and happier marriage of human and machine. We aim to help you strive for the “techealthiest lifestyle,” a harmonious and thriving existence with your gadgets.

Our content is designed with your future in mind. That is, we want to prepare you for emerging personal technology. The benefits of more advanced digital systems and functions can be maximized with a little foresight and planning. To this end, we intend to open discussions about the potential emotional, physical and spiritual benefits and challenges that new  personal devices may introduce. Whether it’s a laptop, a wearable device or a smart phone, each new gadget presents a cause for celebration and for planning for how everyday life may be impacted.

We believe that Techeathiest can contribute to each individual’s pursuit of happiness and inner balance by offering strategic forethought related to digital lifestyle choices. was created to shine a light on the less conscious (and often under-appreciated) decisions we make within our personal digital world. The inclusion of our screens in almost everything we do necessitates that we think more about how we relate to our devices.

To use personal technology without a minimal level of self-observation is to decide to be unhappy. We are dedicated to making sure this does not happen by providing the tools and perspective needed to live a healthy life with your screens.

When you are at your techealthiest, you are committed to building healthy habits in and out of your digital world. You marvel at the endless possibilities that new digital technology offers, yet you remain grounded by the knowledge of how technology can work for and against happiness, productivity, and human connection.

The information shared on is constantly refined to reflect what we consider to be the healthiest digital lifestyle practices. Our understanding of the “techealthiest way” does change over time because there are always new challenges that we’ve never faced prior to the latest, greatest advances.

The technology powering our devices is evolving so fast that we need to remain diligent in updating our understanding of what is considered the techealthiest lifestyle practices.

We love our phones, computers, tablets and wearable devices as much as anyone. With that said, we believe that the growing dependency on our gadgets to help us run our lives should be accompanied by advances in our understanding of how we relate on a moment-to-moment basis to the digital world we hold in our hands. We are driven by the belief that there’s an optimal way to incorporate our devices into everyday life, and reaching the techealthiest state requires something different from each individual.

The techealthiest lifestyle remains accessible to anyone willing to invest in an evolving awareness of how technology influences our mind, body and the choices we make. As technology continues to weave its way into even more aspects of daily living, we must evolve with our digital world, reinventing what it means to reach for our techealthiest self.

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